Stepping off the need to be busy

instead of moving on to your next task, why not slow down, take a breath, sit down before moving on to your next task.There can be a lot of self expectation as well as thinking what others expect from us. Be mindful about what you expect from others.Slow living askes you to drop those pressures. [...]

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12 ways to improve your mood

1, my favourite, be with four-legged friends. The unconditional love from a parent can improve your mood dramatically.2, raise your heart rate either by the gym or a brisk walk or even if you feel like it a jog round the park.3, within 30 minutes of waking up expose yourself to some natural light and [...]

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What is Anxiety? Anxiety can mean so much it differs from person to person. The word anxiety is the Latin ‘angere’ The Word means to choke. For some people having an anxiety attack this is exactly how they feel for others an anxiety attack can feel completely different. Panic attacks can start with no warning [...]


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is the treatment that may help you cope with different conditions. A certified hypnotist will guide you into a deep state of relaxation while you’re in the state they can make suggestions That are designed to help you be more open to change. Click the title to read more.

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