What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is the treatment that may help you cope with different conditions.

A certified hypnotist will guide you into a deep state of relaxation while you’re in the state they can make suggestions That are designed to help you be more open to change.

Real hypnosis is not a therapy that involves swaying a pocket watch and it’s not practised on the stage, clinical hypnosis is a therapeutic experience. 

Hypnosis shows marked differences in brain activity this means your brain reacts to hypnotherapy in a unique way, the brain is driven by suggestion.

There are no side-effects to hypnotherapy as long as the therapy is conducted by a trained hypnotist. 

Hypnotherapy is then limited as to what it can help with, pain, IBS, Insomnia, depression, anxiety, phobias, The list is endless of how hypnosis can help you.

What happens in the hypnotherapy session?

Firstly a consultation should take place so the best outcome can be achieved. This can be done via telephone,zoom or in person. 

In the session your therapist will help you relax in a comfortable seat in the process will be explained to you and the goals of the session. There will be repetitive verbal cues to guide you into a trance like state. Once you’re in a receptive state the therapist will suggest you work on the issues you have presented to them. The session should last for approximately 50 minutes. 

One session might not be enough for example smoking sensation takes approximately 3 to 4 sessions as with weight loss. Some issues can be achieved with just one session and it all depends on how receptive you are to the therapeutic service.

You need to remember you are in control of your body during hypnosis. You cannot do anything you do not want to do if you are under hypnosis.

Some people think that hypnosis is just like sleep you may actually fall asleep during the session and your muscles will become limp, and your breathing will slow down and you may feel drowsy but your subconscious mind is awake and will accept suggestions  that are given to you.

Five benefits of hypnotherapy.

  1. hypnotherapy can be used to support people with a range of issues including anxiety, phobias, pain, tension headaches, weight control and smoking.
  2. hypnotherapy can help enhance sports, creative or work performance.
  3. hypnosis can help you gain new insights and make better use of your inner resources.
  4. hypnotherapy can be supported by self hypnosis which is particularly helpful in reducing stress, anxiety, tension and promoting sleep.
  5. hypnotherapists can use different approaches remotely for example, via phone Skype or zoom ideal for those who are agoraphobic or in self isolation.

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