instead of moving on to your next task, why not slow down, take a breath, sit down before moving on to your next task.

There can be a lot of self expectation as well as thinking what others expect from us. Be mindful about what you expect from others.

Slow living askes you to drop those pressures. It suggests that you hop off the merry-go-round and see how else you can live your life. Ask yourself if your timetable is giving you the quality of life that you want or are there areas that you feel you would benefit from change.

Consider how connected you feel to your loved ones, partner, friends, family, children and even yourself?

Ask yourself some questions;

1. What in your life makes you feel busy?

2. When was the last time you felt connected to the people around you?

3. What is stopping you from slowing down?

4. What would be different if you were able to slow down?

5. What can you do to slow down?

6. What will the benefits be when you slow down?

Some ideas to live a slower life;

1. Slow your technology down, go for a walk leave the phone at home, switch the PC off, have a shut down time when all devices are turned off.

2. slow home, declutter, having a lot of stuff in your home can be oppressive.

3. When traveling somewhen take your time, look around you, slow it down, walk, ride a bike, find other ways of reaching your destination.

4. Slow down activities, take your time when carrying out your hobbies, read a book, join an art class, take up swimming, yoga, be mindful.

5. Spend time with your family, do you sit together at the dinner table, do you connect with each other.

6. Take a weekend off, only fill it with pleasurable things, connect with yourself, friends, family.

In short; be mindful of spending time connecting with yourself and others and slow down. Breathe, look around you see the world though your eyes as you have never seen it before.
Enjoy life, there is only one.