1, my favourite, be with four-legged friends. The unconditional love from a parent can improve your mood dramatically.
2, raise your heart rate either by the gym or a brisk walk or even if you feel like it a jog round the park.
3, within 30 minutes of waking up expose yourself to some natural light and this helps regulate your body is internal clock which in turn help you go to sleep on an evening.
4, use yoga, Pilates or something similar to relax with like-minded people.
5, if you’re able to have a sauna for and then a cool plunge pool the result is incredible
6, embrace spirituality, do some breathing work, have a Reiki session. Tell yourself some positive affirmations
7, Laughter, this really helps improve your mood. You could watch a film that would make you laugh be with a friend who makes you laugh or read a good book.
8, swim, Scientists state that been in an area that blue is much better than being in an area that is green. 
9, You could go one step further and try cold water therapy. Wild swimming! 
10, Good food, spices, are said to improve our mood, a good ginger shot in the morning will give you a kickstart. 
11, use smells, Adding a favourite smell to your room as you relax will make your mood improve. 
12, and last but not least be kind, it costs nothing to be kind of somebody after all we don’t know what’s going on for them but you’re active kindness can change the day as well as making you feel in a better mood.