The busier life becomes the harder it is to stay on top of everything the more you do, the faster your stress levels rise. According to experts, each time you switch tasks it can take up to 5 minutes to refocus so multitasking is a downward spiral.

Is it time to get off the wheel, take a deep breath and restore the balance in your life. In order to do this you need to develop new skills and rituals.

1- get up earlier, if you get up 15 minutes earlier and news that time to do something that will help you focus on the day ahead maybe meditate for a few moments.

2- plan ahead, this can be helpful in staying focused and organised especially when trying to fit new things into your schedule. Don’t overload yourself with too many jobs as you will fail and this will make you feel bad about yourself.

3- give yourself some grey time, each day tends to begin with a plan within that the different blocks of time, meetings, the days jobs and tasks and grey time. Great time is important to stay aligned it’s a space to think and renew remember to plan that into your diary.

4-say NO, so many people agree to do things and even pretend they do love to do it when inside the secretly wondering how to fit everything in. There are only 24 hours in a day and seven days a week some of this needs to be taking care of yourself. A good tip is when somebody asks you to do something rather than saying yes straight away pause and say “I’m not sure if I have something on let me get back to you.” This gives you time to think about whether you want to do the request that is asked of you.

5-Be ruthless, edit your to do list how many things on the list really need to be done what can you delegate. Cut down on the to do list two or three things a day.

6- have a clear out, tackle a neglected drawer, sort out your wardrobe it will give you a sense of achievement and make you feel empowered to tackle other tasks.

7- Think positive, I know you’ve heard this all before but it really does work, don’t look backwards and don’t let the petty things get in the way. A positive thought is: if there’s a problem there will be a solution.

8- be kind to yourself. Rather than thinking about the things that you could’ve done better think of the things that you have done well and that you’ve enjoyed doing and a sense of achievement, don’t be too hard on yourself.