Wellness Retreat in North Yorkshire

After a cold and frosty drive across the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, we arrive at our idyllic location. We put our shoes into the cubbyholes at the entrance and step foot into the main space. The tall arched windows allow the warm, golden, morning sun to light up the space. Once our guests arrive we quickly start to get to know one another and begin the day.

Various activities throughout the day

Throughout the day various activities were set out and there was much discussion around self-care. For our morning meditation session we took our lovely guests upstairs to the soft, quiet carpeted space. We all found our comfortable positions and drifted away. Once it was time we slowly opened our eyes and made our way over to the mezzanine for cups of tea.

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The sun blessed us so we slowly explored the Zen Garden for our Mindfulness Meditation Walk. Here we gave ourselves reflection time, and we listened to the water flowing through the pond and looked out on the stunning views.

To finish our day we painted stones and reflected on our self-care intentions and goals. We ended with a wonderful guided meditation to relax us on our continuing journey.

With a reluctant goodbye we all went our separate ways, feeling relaxed and committed to creating more time for self-care without feeling guilt.

Thank you to those who joined, we can’t wait for the next one.

Warmest regards,

Amanda & Helen x

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