Can anyone be hypnotised?

Sometimes people will say that they cannot be hypnotised. This is simply not true, although different people may go into different levels of hypnosis. As humans we naturally go in and out of hypnotic state. Some examples are as we go to sleep and as we wake up when you are in that sleepy state. [...]

Can anyone be hypnotised?2022-07-17T14:05:37+01:00

Can I get locked in a hypnotic state?

You cannot be locked into a hypnotic state. If anything should happen, for example, the internet drops you will come out of the hypnotic state naturally. You may come out of trance immediately or fall asleep and wake up naturally later. If there is an emergency situation to deal with you will also come out [...]

Can I get locked in a hypnotic state?2022-07-17T14:03:46+01:00

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an enjoyable, safe, natural, and very relaxing process which can create lasting change.  Sessions can be conducted face to face or online.

What is Hypnotherapy?2022-07-17T14:01:25+01:00
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