Reiki is good for stress reduction, helping by promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels by activating the bodies, natural healing abilities. It can assist in calming the mind, releasing tension, and restoring a sense of inner peace.

reiki has been shown to have positive effects in providing relief from physical pain and discomfort. It can help alleviate symptoms associated with chronic conditions, injuries, or post operative recovery.

as Reiki works on an holistic level, addressing both physical and emotional imbalances. It can help release, emotional blockages, promote emotional healing, and restore a sense of emotional well-being.

reiki aims to balance and harmonise energy within the body. By unblocking energy, pathways, it can optimise the flow of vital life, force energy, promoting overall health and vitality.

for mental clarity, Reiki can support this, focusing and improved decision making abilities. It can also facilitate spiritual growth, in exploration, and a connection with ones are yourself or spiritual dimensions.

The effectiveness of Reiki may vary from person to person, and should be used in conjunction  with professional medical or mental health treatments.