There are several ways we can support men with their mental health:

firstly, we can raise awareness and reduce stigma. Initiate conversations and educational campaigns to challenge traditional gender, norms and stereotypes around mental health. Encourage open conversations where men feel comfortable, discussing their feelings and struggles without judgement. We can also improve access to mental health services. Work towards providing affordable and accessible mental health resources for men, including therapy, counselling, and support groups. This can be achieved through community programs, works places, and healthcare systems.

we can promote mental health self-care. Encouragement to take care of their mental well-being by practising self-care activities. These can include exercise, hobbies, mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Also, we need to discuss the importance of sleep, nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

we can encourage social connection and support, and it works by creating safe spaces where they can share their experiences and challenges. This can include men’s groups, peer support, networks, or online communities. Enhance the education and awareness about the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions amongst men, educate people about the warning signs and seeking professional help. we need to promote the fact that seeking help is strength, not a weakness. Encouragement to seek help from mental health professionals, doctors are helplines. Men can also be involved in mental health, research and decision-making by actively include men in research studies and involve them in the mental health policies and programs. Promoting men’s mental health is the collective effort from individual. communities, health care systems, and policy changes.