Whilst living in a world where we’re all striving for the same thing but in different packaging. We all strive to be happy. To be happy and content is something we all look for. Some people can just be happy with their lot where as others are more forceful about  How to get their happiness.

But do you sometimes think that you’re easily pleased?


Easily pleased people look towards their day and are grateful for the small things in life for example the cup of tea they have in the morning, the smell of the morning dew all watching a bird making a nest. Would you consider that to be somebody who is easily pleased? Or is that somebody who is happy with The life? this begs the question what is wrong with being pleased more frequently at a relatively low cost? For somebody who strives to be content, The idea of been able to achieve this with minimal effort or expenditure is surely a gift  in itself.


When somebody says somebody’s easily pleased it comes with a hint of negativity. These people think that the bar needs to be raised higher and aims should be both better and bigger. Is this really true, once you reach a plateau of happiness should you be striving for even more happiness. Possibly people who were always striving for extra happiness and never really happy in the first place. Maybe counting your blessings and the joy of simple things and being easily pleased is not too bad.

so what are the blessings of being easily pleased.

1-you are more likely to be happy

2- days are filled with small and joyful things

3-you are less likely to be impressed by items or events that promise happiness

4-it shows the strength of character to be easy-going and see in the simple joys in life, it shows you don’t need to prove yourself

5-it can save you money, being happy does not have to come at a financial cost.

so all in all it’s not about a negative place to be if you are a person that can be easily pleased.