Imagine taking a tour of your daily life, this tour is led by somebody who has the ability to reveal the magical with in the mundane. This will be someone who, with a waft of a wand could illuminate the things happening all around you. These will be things that you’ve never noticed before like flicking a switch on to an alternative reality.

there are lots of people who suggest that mindfulness is just such a power, slowing us down enough to notice and appreciate the small things. The older people get the slower people become, generally. It is nice to be able to do things that are largely evenly lazy pace. For example if there is an entire room to be cleaned, or a sack of post two thought, rather than ride through with that speed of light it’s nice to put on some music, open all the windows, kick off your shoes and just go about it slowly and steadily then all of a sudden there have becomes different, more restful and peaceful and have more energy.

when we allow ourselves to open up, even a little, to be the joyful potential we all have within ourselves, life explodes into a kaleidoscope of goodness. This goodness allows us to process and reclaim our joy and it also gives us the ability to be kind to ourselves and to others.

we all know that life can, at times, feel increasingly hard. We also know that humans wired more towards negativity than positivity, but this should not be a fixed state. We can think brighter, better and happier it just takes practice. By putting more energy into what’s going on around you and what is going on that it’s good in your life rather than the negatives you start to build up a foundation of resilience. By building up the resilience you will become less likely to wobble and fall when facing new challenges. This can be done by choosing to view the world in a more positive light. Instead of building up a dread of dislike we better exercise of acceptation of the situation, we begin to make more and more positive inroads in our lives.

remember that person who is taking the tour of our life, remember our daily lives are full of interesting sounds and sights, yet we are often in such a rush to get our chores and jobs done that we forget to slow down look around and appreciate what we have.