Have you ever wondered how some people have it all together? Or they appear to have it all together!

we all look at other people and think they have it all together but in honesty not everybody does, in fact almost nobody does.  But what people do Is they get to a stage in their life when they start to explore their own behaviours. When you start to explore your own behaviours you learn what are your strengths and what your weaknesses are. Sometimes it’s hard to start exploring yourself, sometimes painful but almost always necessary to move on in your life.

So, how do you explore yourself, how do you find out what makes you tick?

Self-help books are a good way of starting, Sitting with your thoughts and feelings. Making time for yourself, counselling, Holistic therapies, self-esteem groups and retreats to name just a few. Please remember it doesn’t happen overnight. It has taken years for you to be the person you are today therefore it can take years to improve, change and explore the person you want to become.  It’s a journey well worth it when you come out the other side a stronger person. Sometimes you have to be vulnerable to be able to move on and this isn’t always an easy thing to do if you have had trouble in the past.


The age old saying you have to learn from your mistakes is so true. You will know somebody who keeps making the same mistakes over and over again with the same result, overtime this becomes tedious it’s like opening a door that slaps you in the face, why would you keep doing the same thing. It’s not always older people Who change sometimes younger people change Their behaviours too the younger you can do it the better you become.


Take time out for yourself you never know you May actually like yourself.