Can hypnotherapy work for weight loss?


During a session practitioners believe that the conscious and unconscious mind are able to focus and concentrate on verbal repetition and mental imagery. The result is the mind becomes open to suggestion and open to change regarding behaviours, emotions, and habits.

since the 1700s alternative therapy has been used to help people with anything from bedwetting to nailbiting to smoking. There has been research on hypnosis and also it’s shown some promise for treating obesity.

The mind can be influenced To change habits like overheating. During hypnotherapy, your therapist will most likely begin the session by explaining how hypnosis works.  The therapist should then talk to you about your own personal goals and what you want to gain from the experience. During the hypnosis certain words can be repeated uncertain phrases may be repeated to a good visualisation of yourself reaching the goals through shared mental imagery is also a good way for the hypnotherapist to encourage the goals.

The length of the hypnotherapy session can last anywhere between 30 minutes to 45 minutes and the number of sessions depends on yourself. The therapist will also encourage you to be open and honest and look at ways that you can change your behaviour too. A hypnotherapist cannot work miracles but can help working with yourself to gain the goals that you want. As with any therapy you have to be willing to make changes and to believe in yourself that changes can be made.

Think of your hypnotherapist like your doctor, if your doctor were to give you some medication for a bad knee and exercises you know you have to do the exercises as well as the medication. The medication alone will not achieve the outcome that you want. This is the same with hypnotherapy you have to do the exercises as well as take the medication.