When training for Reiki on your level to you learn how to send Reiki to others. Others could be animals, plants, the past, the future and of course other humans.

Working with animals can pose a challenge for the practitioner; animals cannot verbalise their physical needs or even give permission. The spokes people are the owners. So understanding the animal anatomy and non-verbal communication is an essential part of learning.

The reiki council, 10 different Reiki organisations set up to develop industry standards, a guide to which evaluation can be made.
there are different Reiki experts within this field and a national occupational standards (NOS) for Reiki with animals has been produced.

Demand for this Recognition is strong throughout the Reiki council member organisation. Included the second-degree Reiki students looking to move into basic public practice experienced masters with established business in offering Reiki to animals associated training. There are two levels of recognition Reiki for animals practitioner this validates the person to work with the public and professional Reiki for animals practitioner which meets the the NOS and equate to a level three national qualification.

The training is available now for people who want to be Reiki for animals practitioner, the basic requirements are to have completed a 2nd° level two training and either formal animal Reiki training 100 hours of experience offering Reiki to animals.

if you require further information contact the Reiki Association Reiki for animals.