Meditation helps us awaken from the half sleep which we often find a waking lives.


Meditation also aids sleep itself, meditators sleep more easily and peacefully than people who don’t meditate and often meditation helps people to need less sleep. Meditation gives us a greater access to the dreamworld by teaching us to be attentive to the waking life, This helps us to be more aware during sleep.

To dissolve the boundaries between conscious and the unconscious mind is the ability to recall dreams when waking; furthermore the content of dreams often give us an insight to the concerns of waking life. People who meditate have a heightened awareness of dreams, lucid dreams in which the dreamer is aware of and can take control of the dream and decide, if not it’s details, it’s general direction. These types of dreams enrich our dream life and can be used to help solving problems when awake.

Tibetan Buddhism teaches us that sleep is a dress rehearsal for death, by gaining control of our dreams we control the process of dying and the transition into the next world.

meditation is likely to make us more thoughtful and a humane person. Meditation can increase the sense of compassion and an awareness of love. In the spiritual traditions it is encourage that spiritual practice and ethical behaviour are both essential for progress. Both are needed to fulfil one’s own relationship with oneself, without both the development can be one-sided. Spiritual practice without ethical behaviour may be the cause of why some spiritual teachers abuse pupils. There are certain  meditation practices that are designed to help both spiritual and ethical development.

start by calling to your mind the person or people, animals or trees that you love in this world, visualise them if you can, and allow your feelings of love for them to arrive strongly.

when this sence is established widen the circle of love so that, without losing its power it embraces your close family friends and other people that are dear to you. Repeat this meditation regularly.