Do you have a hobby?

If you do you will know how good it is for the wellness of your mind.

Do you easily become bored, fed up of watching tv or doing the same old thing?

Studies show that learning new skills is good for the brain, keeping the mind active as well as staving off illnesses such as degenerative brain illnesses.

Find something you enjoy doing, hobbies can cost as little or as much as you would like. For example rag rugging is inexpensive, use old clothes that would normally go to land fill. You will also get something that is not only something you have accomplished but something you can be useful and being mindful of the environment.

how about painting, again another inexpensive hobby, remember you don’t have to be brilliant at what you do, you just have to enjoy it.

Do you sew? How about making your self an outfit, make your own Christmas gifts, make items to sell.

There are plenty of craft groups on Facebook, in your local area, full of likeminded people.

When you get into a craft it is good for your wellness, you relax, you empty your mind, it is almost a form of meditation.

Find a craft that you like and take it from there.

crochet, needle craft, painting, sewing, paper craft, cosmetic making, candle making, jewellery making, ceramics, soap making, glass fusion.

maybe join a class or a workshop To find out what works for you.