It’s the troll in our own heads I want to think about.

Think about what you say to yourself, the inner troll who picks apart our actions,  Tells lies to ourselves and these affect how we see ourselves.


The inner troll who relishes and enjoys the feeling that we get with the negativity that we tell ourselves. We become our own troll with the negative thoughts and then when it is confirmed we then say to ourselves “I told you so.”

The troll is fed by the feelings of guilt and shame then bundles all the negativity and destructive attitudes we experience and witness into the evidence of why we are not good enough or not worthy enough.

We start to believe the negativity that we tell ourselves, the fearsome disruptive, manipulative running commentary that we tell ourselves it’s not the real viewpoint of who we are.


The more we pay attention to the troll the small our hopes and dreams become don’t forget the trolls Voice can get louder because it is unchallenged it’s then gained more power, do not keep feeding the troll.

start by asking a good friend about your personality and how they see you. When you find your inner troll starts with the negativity challenge the thoughts, are they really true? Start believing in yourself so you can grow and you can dampen the troll down.