I am not here to give any opinion on who is right or wrong, after all none of us were in their house.

I am just wanting to highlight more on male DV.

Mankind is a service to offer support to male victims. help line 01823334244

open weekdays 10-4pm. They will help put you in contact with housing, how to report incidents and how to report to the police.  This service will help put you in contact with a solicitor that can help, other support services and support groups. This service also offers emotional support and helping you realise you are not to blame.

I used to work with victims of DV, mainly women, men would complain that there were no services out there for them, the argument to that is more male victims need to come forward so charities can apply for funding.

one in six men will be a victim, over 500,000 men suffer every year and one man per two weeks will die by a current or ex partner.

So how do you keep yourself safe.

  1. do not retaliate, physically or verbally
  2. keep a diary of incidents
  3. keep personal info to hand, personal documents, phone, phone numbers.
  4. keep photo evidence of physical abuse
  5. report each incident to your GP or hospital
  6. report incidents to the police
  7. take advice regarding injunctions.
  8. talk to trusted friends and families
  9. seek help from your local council
  10. ensure you have evidence.

So what is abuse?

A quick out line are as follows:


kicked, punched, pinched, slapped, chocked, bitten, use of weapons, being scalded, poisoned and objects being thrown. Other signs are violence against family members or pets, or getting other people to attack you.


yelling, shouting, being insulted, laughed at and humiliated.


intimidation, witholding affection, turning children and others against you, being stopped from seeing friends and family. other signs are keeping you awake, stalking, threatening to remove your children, using social media to intimidate and false allegations


totally controlling the money, not allowing you any money


sexual harassment, pressure, forcing sex after attacks.


Men you are not alone, please talk to someone about it.