Have you ever tried Hopi Ear Candling?
Not only is it treatment to help you unwind, but it comes with the added bonus of providing lots of health benefits.
A special type of candle is positioned in the ear and is burned to a level before being extinguished in water. The ears and scalp are then massaged to ease pressure points and increase blood flow.Added with Reiki to remove stagnant energy, unblock your energy centres, detoxify your body, leaving you rebalanced, and revtalised.

Benefits of the treatment include:
• Ease the symptoms of ear and sinus problems
• Reduce irritation in the nose (ideal for colds)
• A method of reducing stress
• Reduce pain and ringing in the ears (can ease conditions such as tinnitus)
• Reduce the build-up of earwax in the ears
• Help reduce headaches and migraines
• Increase blood circulation in the ear

Reiki Benefits
– Aids sleep
– Brings clarity & focus
– Removes the build up of negative energy
– Helps improve blood pressure
– Can assist with coping with pain
– Helps reduce inflammation
– Rebalances your energy centres