Ways to feel healthier and fitter.

Eat more herbs and spices, they have been around for hundreds of years they boost energy help relieve stress and aid digestion. Some good healing spices include turmeric this is for anti-inflammatory liver cleansing. Try ginger and lemon tea this helps calm an anxious stomach. Cayenne Pepper is brilliant for metabolism

Motivate yourself by boosting your endorphins, energy can be boosted by taking daily exercise such as a brisk walk, dancing or a gym class. When we exercise this creates endorphin chemicals in the brain this in turn makes us feel more positive. You can also choose food and drinks such as colourful fruits and vegetables orange juice, tea and dark chocolate.
Try eating plant based foods getting rid of the milk and dairy in favour for more colourful diet filled with fruit veg nuts pulses and seeds will make you feel more energised.

Try and go bold, do some weights weight training can help safeguard your health as you age putting your bones under force from resistance training helps increase bone density.
So try using resistance bands as well this has a broad variety of health benefits. Please don’t forget to warm up before doing any exercises.

Take the dog out, or borrow a dog a dog means you have to exercise even on the wettest of days and once you are out you enjoy it if you don’t have your own dog consider signing up to borrow my doggie Websites.