Our path shapes us, the events that happened to us when we were young our relationship with our parents and past traumas have an affect on the way that we think, feel and behave. Sometimes an innocent remark can trigger you to overreact, or experience feelings of anxiety or depression, this could be because of something in our past. What you are experiencing is completely normal the good news is that it is possible to process the events and move forward.

if the issues from your past are only mild you may be able to work them through yourself, if however the trauma was more serious you may need extra support. If you are going to help yourself you could try journalling, writing thoughts feelings and behaviours done. This is a very powerful tool as you can reflect and see how far you progress. Please remember to treat yourself with compassion, we can all be too hard on ourselves.

if however the trauma was more significant you may need external support, counselling is a good way to start to get beneficial results. A counsellor will provide a nonjudgemental safe area for you to discuss your thoughts feelings and behaviours. With time you may see the more positive areas of your life.

Try to think of your self as a person who has achieved rather than looking at your failures, if you get something wrong just laugh, learn and move on.


lastly trust your instincts your body gives you a physical clue about situations and feelings and also about your own well-being. Your subconscious mind can raise your true feelings through instinctive thoughts. Learn to tune into it. Take notice of your first reaction to something, it’s normally the right one.

A quick way to get that fresh Start feeling.


start feeling.

1. Sort out your wardrobe, wear something new.

2. style your hair differently, try a new colour.

3. start a new exercise program

4. Smile at strangers, talk to somebody you don’t know.

5. take a different route to work, or friends house.

6. learn something new, meet new people.

7. cooked a new dish that you’ve never cooked before.