Now that summer is approaching you may want to expose your feet to the warmer weather.


Pure pampering for your feet it’s not Complicated and it works well for your mental health.


How to complete a foot bath.

fill a bowl with water, lukewarm. If it is cold it will not have the benefit if it’s too warm your feet will just become red. Add a few of your favourite essential oils to the bowl of water, adding almond oil is a good choice too. If your feet are tired add lavender or peppermint oil if your skin is sensitive or tired add some chamomile or sandalwood.

if you don’t want a full pamper and you just want to clean and care for your feet you can make a mixture of Olive Oil and Celtic sea salt if you use course sea salt you can also exfoliate your feet. By adding 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda it creates an antibacterial effect.

if the weather is hot A cooling foot bath feels wonderful. Our feet are heat regulators, if you’re feeling warm slip off your shoes and you will find your body will cool down naturally. The same can be applied to a cooling foot bath, sit in the bath for about 10 minutes and you will feel the benefit of cooling down.

after you have a foot bath you need to dry your feet. Dry them very well including in between the toes. place a towel on the radiator beforehand or quickly in the microwave to make it warm and dry.  After the foot bath massage a moisturising cream into your feet and relax.