It’s time to spring clean our bodies. We clean out the cupboards, we clean out our wardrobe, we get rid of stuff that we don’t need anymore the same should be applied to our bodies.

Clean out your organs,
your liver and kidneys could do with a clean out flush out toxins by drinking plenty of water warm water . This is good for you with a little lemon juice, drink nettle tea or green tea.

Go outside,
In the winter we are staying more, we have the heating on and our skin is dry. Go out as your body needs vitamin D. Take walks, go on bike rides when it’s bright day even if it’s cold you will still be getting vitamin D.

Give your skin a boost,
Because we have been stuck in side a lot in the winter our skin may of  become dry and could do with a pick me up. Gentle peeling removes the skin cells, the rest of your body could also use an exfoliant.

Give your intestines a clean,
The way to clean your intestines is to eat apples they are a miracle cure for the gut, drink ginger tea put germ sprouts in your salad and eat fibre rich foods, spinach is  also very good.

Move your body,
Again in the winter we don’t move as much as we should, exercise, whether it be the gym, walking, aerobics class get your body moving.

Change your diet,
In winter we tend to eat heavy food it’s now time to start looking at the fruits and vegetables that you enjoy eating replace the casseroles for lighter food, salads lots of fruit soups with lots of Vegetables.