Can music really help our mental health?

Listening to music can be entertaining and music is said to enhance focus and intelligence as well as improving our mental health. Music can improve confidence, as well as self esteem. Music can be used to boost our mood, help us relax as well as improving our concentration.


Music can influence our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Music can be emotive and powerful, you could play rock music to do the housework and then listen to classical to relax in the bath.

Background music whilst concentrating on another activity has been suggested to improve performance. Next time you are completing a task put some music on, see if it helps you focus.

Music can help manage stress and is used often in music therapy. Meditation is mainly carried out to relaxing music.

There are suggestions that listening to music can help with weight loss, listening to relaxing music, dimming the lights may help with weight loss. By using music and a dim light helps people to be relaxed and helps to eat food slower and more thoughtfully.

Music can also help with pain management. A research study has been carried out, the participants  who have fibromyalgia listened to music for one hour per day stated they have a reduction in their pain.

Music can help with sleep and we all know how important sleep is. Listening to light classical music at bed time can help with the body being able to relax. A study has taken place that collage students listened for three weeks to music, audio book or nothing at all.