How do I cope with a situation out of my control?
This is a huge question and after the last couple of years we have had with the pandemic can we really answer it. Yes we can!

How can we cope with all the additional stresses that we have had, whether it’s losing your job trying to keep the business afloat, opening a new business or working overtime, sometimes the stresses are overwhelming.

However we are all in a similar boat and we need to adjust the sails, there are two factors to stress, Situations that put pressure on us for example when we have lots to do, lots to think about or situations we don’t have control over.

So how can we take control, firstly you can become aware of your thoughts and feelings during stressful situations, this is the most helpful thing we can do, be aware. One of the best ways to move into awareness is to become more mindful.

Firstly take a deep breath and assess the situation around you, notice the things you can feel for example the chair where you are sitting in, the clothes that you are wearing, take a real notice of them. This is called living in the moment and being aware of everything around him. Also notice smells around you, what can you smell, coffee, toast or even the air.

The next thing you can do is to be compassionate to yourself and others. We all know we are too hard on ourselves and we give ourselves a hard time. Try not to judge yourself, we all make mistakes, we learn from them. Also try and let go of your need for control.