Meditation and mindfulness are intertwined. When meditating it is bringing the mind back home, the same is said for mindfulness.
A long time ago an old lady went to the Buddha and asked how to meditate, his wise words told her when she was drawing water from the well to be aware of the movement from her hands, how they felt, he knew she would soon find herself in a calm mediation state.
mindfulness as with meditation brings three things,

1, our mind with all the fragmented parts of ourselves dissolve and form as one thus helping us to understand ourselves better.

2, by practicing, it defuses our negativity, aggression and turbulent emotions. it is best not to suppress or indulge our emotions but to live with them in the moment and view them.

3, the practice unveils your good heart because it removes the unkindness and negativity in you. Only when these are removed that we can be of help to our-self and others.
This is why meditation is the true peace of mind.