Over 2,500 years ago, a man who had been seeking truth for many, many life times. He ended up in northern India and sat under a tree.
He said to himself that he would not move until he found what the truth was. In the morning after sitting under the tree all night he was rewarded for his patience, discipline and concentration. The earth moved, as if ”drunk with bliss”, what happened next was amazing, no one was angry, sad, evil, proud; the world became a much quieter place. This man became known as the Buddha.
What the Buddha understood was that ignorance of our true nature is the root of torment. The buddha taught people to sit in humble dignity; an open mind and remain present, earthed and grounded.
The way we sit when meditating means we are connecting with both the sky and the ground.
The gift of learning to meditate is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself because with meditation you are able to undertake a journey to discover your true nature, meditation is a road to enlightenment.