Reiki is a Japanese therapy, Rei meaning universal and Ki meaning life energy. This therapy has been around for thousands of years and it is today practiced often around the world.

The therapy was originally developed by Mikao Usui.

This is a hands on healing technique where universal energy is transferred through the hands of the therapist. You will be fully clothed either sat upright or laying on the beauty bed.

  • Aids relaxation

  • Natural healing processes

  • Relieves emotional stress

  • Improves overall wellbeing

  • Helps with heart disease

  • Known to help with anxiety and depression

  • Can reduce chronic pain symptoms

  • Helps with infertility, fatigue, autism and Crohn’s disease

Why should I consider having Reiki?

This is a total relaxing workout with incredible health and relaxing benefits.

This therapy is a real because I am worth it moment, you will leave feeling so relaxed like never before!

  • £35 for a 1 hour Reiki session

  • £18 for 30 minute Reiki session

“I have had a few treatments at Creating Wellness and each time it has been fabulous. It’s the perfect setting to go and escape a hectic lifestyle & grab some me time. The setting is lovely & Amanda is knowledgeable & Professional. Thank You!”

Mrs. Sadler, Stokesely
“Have been and had a Reiki session with Amanda this morning. She has a beautiful room with a lovely atmosphere, which puts you at ease right from the start. I feel wonderfully relaxed. What better to start a Monday. Thank you Amanda!”
Katriona, Darlington
“Fabulous! Treated myself to a Reiki session with Amanda. The therapy room is a haven for relaxation and easy to access with good parking. Very professional, warm and friendly service. I have rebooked to try the reflexology.”
Jennifer, Teesside

Treat yourself to some well deserved me time.

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