Frequently Asked Questions2022-07-17T15:58:00+01:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our services and treatments below.

If you cannot find the answers you are looking for, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our services and treatments below.

If you cannot find the answers you are looking for, please contact us.

Creating Wellness FAQs

Does Indian Head Massage help with sleep issues?2022-07-17T15:54:19+01:00

Yes. An Indian Head Massage will relieves stress and help to promote deeper levels of relaxation by attacking physical symptoms. These will inevitably result in better outcomes where sleep is concerned.

Do you have to be unclothed to have an Indian Head Massage?2022-07-17T15:53:20+01:00

You don’t have to be unclothed for your Indian Head Massage, but it does help the therapist to be able to offer a deeper massage on your shoulders.

Who should avoid having an Indian Head Massage?2022-07-17T15:38:29+01:00

A person who has a fever or who has just had an operation should not have an Indian Head Massage.

You should not have Indian Head Massage if you are in your first stage of pregnancy.

Also, don’t have this therapy if you suffer from diabetes, angina, heart condition or have had a pacemaker fitted.

If you have any concerns over the suitability of our Indian Head Massage treatment please raise these with our team at the time of booking.

Why should I have an Indian Head massage?2022-07-17T15:36:41+01:00

Indian Head Massage is a deep tissue massage using pressure points around the head and face giving a total relaxing massage.

Will an Indian Head massage hurt?2022-07-17T15:36:10+01:00

It does not hurt if the therapist applies the right amount of pressure.

A therapist will ask if the pressure is right for you as the Indian Head Massage appointment progresses.

The intention is never to cause pain, however, pressure is a fundamental part of the treatment and everyone has different tolerances to pressure.

Why do Counsellors ask open ended questions?2022-07-17T15:34:43+01:00

This helps a person in counselling to think more deeply about an issue.

Closed questions require a yes and no answer.

Will the Counsellor ask me questions that I don’t want to answer?2022-07-17T15:32:52+01:00

This may happen, but a Counsellor will always be mindful of how far they can explore an issue with you.

Your Counsellor may need to challenge your beliefs and thoughts, which some people may find uncomfortable.

I have had counselling before. How often can I go?2022-07-17T15:31:55+01:00

There is no limit to counselling.

Some people only need a couple of counselling sessions to help get them back on track, while some people need more.

Some people like to have a break so the information of the discussions can be processed, while others prefer to have a regular routine of appointments with their counselling therapist.

The frequency of your counselling appointments really depends on whatever works for you.

Is my information and discussion confidential?2022-07-17T15:30:10+01:00

Yes, all information discussed during your counselling session is 100% confidential, unless you mention harm to yourself or someone else.

What do I want from Counselling?2022-07-17T15:29:02+01:00

Counselling is a process where you can explore any issues or goals.

It is best to prepare yourself beforehand to gain the best outcome.

Will i have to remove clothing during my Hot Stone Massage?2022-07-17T15:26:14+01:00

Yes, in order for this therapy to be given, clothes need to be removed.

Your Hot Stone Massage therapist will be mindful of dignity at all times.

Do the hot stones release toxins?2022-07-17T15:25:26+01:00

Yes, like most massages, toxins are released and pain is reduced as the therapy session progresses. In addition, clients using our Hot Stone Massage services regularly report an improvement in their circulation.

Do you use oils as part of the Hot Stone Massage Therapy?2022-07-17T15:24:15+01:00

Yes, oils are used during your Hot Stone Massage.

If you have any allergies then please let your therapist know at the time of booking.

Will the stones be too hot?2022-07-17T15:23:20+01:00

Your Hot Stone Massage therapist will always check the stones and will be checking with you at all times to make sure that you are comfortable during the treatment.

What does a Hot Stone Massage do for you?2022-07-17T15:22:40+01:00

Not only is it deeply relaxing, a Hot Stone Massage eases tense muscles deeply with the heat from the stones and oils.

The positive effects of a good Hot Stone Massage will be felt long after the therapy finishes.

Can I keep my socks on during Reflexology?2022-07-17T15:21:27+01:00

You could, but we feel that you get maximum benefits if they were taken off so the therapist can really feel your feet as they work.

If you have any anxiety or concerns about taking off your socks, your Reflexology therapist will be happy to discuss these with you in a non-judgemental way.

Will I feel relaxed during and after my Reflexology appointment?2022-07-17T15:19:02+01:00

Reflexology is a very relaxing treatment. You may feel slightly light headed after the treatment. Some of our clients have even reported feeling an emotional response following their Reflexology appointment.

Can Reflexology harm me?2022-07-17T15:17:41+01:00

Reflexology is a completely safe treatment and does not cause side effects.

Your Creating Wellness therapists have undergone extensive training in effective and safe Reflexology techniques.

What does Reflexology do?2022-07-17T15:16:29+01:00

Generally, Reflexology is designed to help you relax.

Reflexology can also help with stress reduction. Sometimes a therapist can pinpoint areas in your body that may need additional/extra attention. This will be discussed as your Reflexology appointment progresses, if applicable.

What is Reflexology?2022-07-17T15:15:17+01:00

Reflexology is known as zone therapy and it works by applying pressure to specific points on the feet.

Can children have Hopi Ear Candle treatment?2022-07-17T15:14:47+01:00

No, we would not carry out Hopi Ear Candle treatment on someone under the age of 18.

When should I not have Hopi Ear Candle treatment?2022-07-17T15:14:08+01:00

Please ask your therapist if you have any anxiety or concerns regarding having Hopi Ear Candle treatment.

As a general rule, you should not consider Hopi Ear Candle therapy if you have a perforated eardrum, if you have an infection in your ear, grommets and any other issues with your ear.

How often should I have Hopi Ear Candle treatment done?2022-07-17T15:13:04+01:00

2 or 3 sessions should help, some people need up to 8 sessions in a 6 months period, then every 3-6 months

What are the benefits of using Hopi Ear Candles?2022-07-17T15:11:54+01:00
  • Improves hearing
  • Loosens ear wax
  • Helps sinus and headache
  • Treats cold and flu
  • Improves mental clarity
How does Hopi Ear Candle treatment work?2022-07-17T15:09:40+01:00

Hopi ear candles work by a therapist holding a long paper waxed candle gently in your ear with a protective shield. The candle is lit and draws air from the ear canal.

What if I become upset during my Life Coaching session?2022-07-17T15:01:46+01:00

That is not a problem.

Your life coach will be empathic and will support you at all times throughout the session.

The topics of conversation and the things you want to change will be guided by yourself.

Will I be challenged emotionally during a Life Coaching session?2022-07-17T15:00:39+01:00

Depending on what you would like to be changed in our life you may be challenged, but only so far as our life coaching experts will help you to see the issue(s) objectively.

Will my Life Coaching sessions at Creating Wellness be confidential?2022-07-17T14:56:15+01:00

Yes all discussions taking place at Life Coaching sessions booked with Creating Wellness will be 100% confidential.

Please note that we are duty bound to inform the relevant parties should you disclose intentions to harm yourself or someone else.

What is the role of a Life Coach?2022-07-17T14:54:30+01:00

The role of a Life Coach is to help achieve and clarify goals through exercise and conversations.

What is Life Coaching?2022-07-17T14:53:04+01:00

A Life Coach will advise people on how they can make themselves happier with changes, goals and careers etc.

Can anyone practice mindfulness?2022-07-17T14:49:24+01:00

Absolutely, yes!

Anyone can practice mindfulness.

It takes time to practise and become comfortable with it.

Is it best to practice mindfulness alone or as part of a group?2022-07-17T14:48:32+01:00

This is fairly subjective. It really does not matter. Both methods of practicing mindfulness can be positive, useful experiences.

In a group you may be more disciplined but you may feel more at ease on your own.

Try what works best for you.

How does one go about practising Mindfulness?2022-07-17T14:47:00+01:00

The key concepts of practicing mindfulness could be summarised using the following 5 steps.

  • Observe your breathing
  • Take a mini break in the day Go for a nature walk
  • Avoid doing too much at once
  • Create a journal
  • Check out the mindful apps
What are the 7 principles of mindfulness?2022-07-17T14:44:33+01:00

The 7 principles of mindfulness are:

  • Non judging
  • Patience
  • Beginner’s mind, it is easy to lose yourself if you believe all you heard and seen.
  • Trust
  • Let go
  • No striving
  • Acceptance
What is Mindfulness?2022-07-17T14:42:52+01:00

The term Mindfulness refers to the quality of being conscious or aware of something and being in the present moment.

What if I can not concentrate during my meditation session?2022-07-17T14:30:28+01:00

Don’t put yourself under any pressure.

Sometimes it takes a while to relax and clear your mind. If this happens, start with just a few minutes and work your way to more minutes until you can train your mind to clear.

Practicing meditation under the guidance of experts can help you find the levels of concentration required to stay present and get the most from your time spent meditating.

How should I dress when attending a meditation session?2022-07-17T14:29:00+01:00

You don’t have to wear anything particular or special when attending a meditation session, but we recommend comfortable clothes as this can definitely help you achieve optimum relaxation.

Does meditation help lower the blood pressure?2022-07-17T14:27:56+01:00

Yes, meditation techniques appears to produce small but meaningful reduction in blood pressure.

Do I need to practice meditation in a group?2022-07-17T14:27:37+01:00

No, you can meditate in a group, by yourself, or in a 1-1 session with a meditation instructor.

What is Meditation?2022-07-17T14:26:49+01:00

Meditation is a practice using mindfulness focusing the mind on an object, training the attention and awareness to clear the mind.

What is Meditation?2022-07-17T14:23:19+01:00

Meditation involves practice using mindfulness focusing the mind on an object, training the attention and awareness to clear the mind.

How will I feel after Reiki?2022-07-17T14:22:21+01:00

After your Reiki session you should feel relaxed, possibly tired and maybe a little light headed but there should be no side effects.

What is Reiki used for?2022-07-17T14:20:28+01:00

Reiki is commonly used for individuals looking for help with pain relief, anxiety, depression, relaxation and to ease stress.

Will I be fully clothed while attending a Reiki session?2022-07-17T14:19:51+01:00

Yes for this process you will be fully clothed. Loose clothing is best so you feel comfortable.

Does my Reiki therapist have to touch me?2022-07-17T14:19:23+01:00

No, some therapists put their hands just above the body.

Please ask your therapist if you are uncomfortable with being touched.

What is Reiki?2022-07-17T14:18:40+01:00

Reiki is a healing technique that involves a therapist channelling energy to the client by means of touch.

Can anyone be hypnotised?2022-07-17T14:05:37+01:00

Sometimes people will say that they cannot be hypnotised. This is simply not true, although different people may go into different levels of hypnosis.

As humans we naturally go in and out of hypnotic state. Some examples are as we go to sleep and as we wake up when you are in that sleepy state. Another example is when you are driving, and you suddenly think “How did I get here?”  You can’t recall the whole journey, when you are in autopilot, yet you remain fully in control of your driving.

Can I get locked in a hypnotic state?2022-07-17T14:03:46+01:00

You cannot be locked into a hypnotic state.

If anything should happen, for example, the internet drops you will come out of the hypnotic state naturally. You may come out of trance immediately or fall asleep and wake up naturally later.

If there is an emergency situation to deal with you will also come out of the trance.

Can I be forced to do something I don’t want to while having hypnotherapy??2022-07-17T14:03:04+01:00

You cannot be hypnotised against your will or controlled in any way. Full co-operation is required at all times.

Are there any side effects associated with hypnotherapy?2022-07-17T14:02:20+01:00

There are no known harmful side effects and hypnotherapy is considered perfectly safe when practiced by a professional.

What is Hypnotherapy?2022-07-17T14:01:25+01:00

Hypnotherapy is an enjoyable, safe, natural, and very relaxing process which can create lasting change.  Sessions can be conducted face to face or online.

“I have had a few treatments at Creating Wellness and each time it has been fabulous. It’s the perfect setting to go and escape a hectic lifestyle & grab some me time. The setting is lovely & Amanda is knowledgeable & Professional. Thank You!”

Mrs. Sadler, Stokesely
“Have been and had a Reiki session with Amanda this morning. She has a beautiful room with a lovely atmosphere, which puts you at ease right from the start. I feel wonderfully relaxed. What better to start a Monday. Thank you Amanda!”
Katriona, Darlington
“Fabulous! Treated myself to a Reiki session with Amanda. The therapy room is a haven for relaxation and easy to access with good parking. Very professional, warm and friendly service. I have rebooked to try the reflexology.”
Jennifer, Teesside

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