Can I keep my socks on during Reflexology?

You could, but we feel that you get maximum benefits if they were taken off so the therapist can really feel your feet as they work. If you have any anxiety or concerns about taking off your socks, your Reflexology therapist will be happy to discuss these with you in a non-judgemental way.

Can I keep my socks on during Reflexology?2022-07-17T15:21:27+01:00

Can Reflexology harm me?

Reflexology is a completely safe treatment and does not cause side effects. Your Creating Wellness therapists have undergone extensive training in effective and safe Reflexology techniques.

Can Reflexology harm me?2022-07-17T15:17:41+01:00

What does Reflexology do?

Generally, Reflexology is designed to help you relax. Reflexology can also help with stress reduction. Sometimes a therapist can pinpoint areas in your body that may need additional/extra attention. This will be discussed as your Reflexology appointment progresses, if applicable.

What does Reflexology do?2022-07-17T15:16:29+01:00

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is known as zone therapy and it works by applying pressure to specific points on the feet.

What is Reflexology?2022-07-17T15:15:17+01:00
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