Will you look back at life and say “ I wish I had” or “ I am glad I did”

Sometimes we are afraid to try things because we may “fail.” Surely not to try at all means that you have failed.

For example if you want to try a craft activity but your are not sure how you will do with it. What do you do? Not try, or try it? Please try, even if you are not very good but you enjoy it, then you haven’t failed.

Try and remember none of us are perfect, we make mistakes. By making mistakes we learn and grow. It is said if you want to live a longer life you need to learn new skills, play board games,go to dance class, what every you fancy.

Build you immune system by 20 minutes light exercise, use the stairs not the lift, eat more fruit and sleep well. Encourage a good sleep routine. Be intentional about your daily habits. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.share interests and worries with friends. Smile often, even if you don’t feel it. Connect with nature and maintain an attitude of gratitude. Discover the passion inside you, which gives meaning to your days.

A positive mental attitude of awareness of you emotional disposition will enhance your life span.